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Editorial team feedback from Panoma Press

❝Panoma Press has used Futureproofs for the past 3 years. Our previous process was both time and labour intensive, and also open to ambiguity and human error. Now Futureproofs provides an easy and accessible system where our designers and editors can work together that is quick, clear and time efficient.
It is a great replacement for our previous system and has worked brilliantly for us.
❝For us, the search and scrolling features have made a tremendous difference. In addition, the Futureproofs team are always open to receiving requests for any improvements users require. At Panoma Press, we really wanted a feature to compare different versions of a book where the page numbers had altered – we got it!
❝We could not contemplate going back to the old system – everyone has found this so easy to use and Futureproofs has made such a difference to the production of our books.❞

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