Simple pricing that scales with you

Futureproofs helps your team deliver to market on time
more easily, reliably and cheaply – save up to 25% on your proofs!

Choose your plan

Our Intro plan gives a low-cost way to try Futureproofs out, with as many users as you need and training included.

Once you know it works for you, you can choose to pay monthly or annually (in return for a discount).

Pay monthly Pay annually

Then, choose the number of pages of content you publish each month (on average).

500 pages


per month

  • 200pages per month
  • Unlimitedprojects
  • 1 hourof training
  • Additional training: £50 per hour
  • Live support for all users
  • Pay by credit card or direct debit


per month (paid annually)

  • 500pages per month
  • Unlimitedprojects
  • 2 hoursof training per year
  • Additional training: £50 per hour
  • Live support for all users
  • Pay by credit card or direct debit


Contact us
for pricing

  • Custom pages per month
  • Unlimited projects
  • Custom training
  • Custom support plans
  • Custom system integrations
  • Custom payment options

Pay for only what you need

Run a pilot with our Intro plan. It gives you all the tools you need to see how Futureproofs can work for you. Like all our plans, it covers as many people as you need, and includes the training and support you need to get started.

As your needs grow, move up to the Pro plan. Work with confidence, knowing that your bill is completely predictable, but with the flexibility to scale up as your business grows.


  • How do page allowances work?
  • What if I don't use my whole allowance?
  • What if I need more pages?
  • How does invoicing work?
  • Can I stop my subscription?
Your subscription is based on your publishing volume - the number of pages you publish, not the number of proofs you upload. Each plan includes a monthly allowance that you can upload against (much like a mobile-phone plan). If you don't use your page allowance, it will roll over to the next month (and the next, and the next...).

For example, if you pay for 500 pages of new content each month, this would let you work on two new 192-page books every month. The 'spare' 108 pages remain available for 3 months (if you pay monthly) or a year (if you pay annually). That way, you're covered when you have a busy month - which we all know happen regularly!
If you have some pages left at the end of the month, they will roll over and be added to your total the following month. So, if you are on the Intro plan and have 30 pages left at the end of a month (i.e. you only used 170 pages), then you will have 230 pages at the start of the following month. Unused pages roll over for 3 months (if you are paying monthly) or 12 months (if you are paying annually).
If you're using Futureproofs more than you expected, you can easily upgrade to the next tier. However, we won't just cut you off - if you go over your allowance unexpectedly, just let us know and we'll sort you out!
Whether you pay by credit card or direct debit, you will receive an invoice every month (including VAT where appropriate) and your payment will be taken automatically by your chosen method. If we don't receive payment within 30 days of our invoice, you may lose access to the Futureproofs service, so we recommend making sure your credit card or direct debit are correct at all times. (If you are on the Enterprise plan, you can choose to pay on receipt of our invoice.)
All our plans renew automatically and we hope that you will be happy with the Futureproofs service. However, if you choose to leave us, just let us know at least 14 days before your next invoice is due. If you give us less notice than this, be aware that a final payment will be required.