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A better workflow
for your books

Have you spent years building your workflow but it's not working any more?

Futureproofs provides the answer. Combining decades of real-world editorial and production experience with the best of modern digital technology, Futureproofs solves the day-to-day problems of on-screen proof checking.

We know why editorial and production teams work the way they do, and we've built software that really does help them work faster and better. We give you the tools to manage your team and projects without constant check-ins, emails or meetings. Futureproofs gives your team the tools to deliver!

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Modern cloud-based proofing platform

Futureproofs makes it easy

Built by experienced editors, designed for the jobs we do every day. Futureproofs helps authors, designers, project managers, production team and senior management with the tools and information they need to manage the proofing stages of book production.

Build on what you know

Futureproofs adapts to your workflow rather than dictating it. Quick to learn, your team will soon be at full speed.

Powerful proofreading

The precision of traditional markup. The simplicity of the browser. The availability of the cloud.

Clear communication

Never miss a query. All your messages in one place, visible and secure. All decisions tracked and reviewable.

Control and manage

Set deadlines, see live progress, intervene when problems arise - and all with less time and effort

A better platform for the world

We all know our every action impacts the climate, and these impacts have been unsustainable. So, at Futureproofs, we've committed to ensuring that our business - your partner - has a positive impact.

That means our servers run on green electricity, our team commute and travel in environmentally friendly ways (from encouraging cycling to avoiding flying), and all our activities are covered by a partnership with Ecologi to offset our impact with carbon-positive projects and tree planting.

Choosing Futureproofs means that your business is moving along a greener path to a more sustainable future.

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