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Futureproofs is the communication and proofing platform for 21st Century book publishers. Combining the best of traditional workflows with the best of modern technology, our browser-based cloud software keeps your teams connected and productive wherever they work.

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Create and assign queries

Quickly create queries and assign them to one or more people. Clearly monitor query status and full reply history on the page, and in a dedicated inbox.


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Add and manage markup

Easily and precisely mark up proofs. Track and collate the team's markup into a master, and work with typesetters to review and correct the proof.


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Drive success

Use live stats to track progress and late changes. Foresee and respond to issues before they become problems. Spot deadline creep and implement fixes.


Give your team the tools for success

These are times of unique pressure in publishing: to deliver books when teams have been driven out of offices to work at home; to update workflows and tools that may not have evolved significantly in decades; and to keep creating great books despite all this. That means there's an equivalent opportunity to do things the right way, the way that works with your team and your skills.

Futureproofs is the first platform to focus on proofing as it's actually done by working editors and proofreaders. Futureproofs provides better workflow management, better team management, and better project management. And it can even reduce your carbon footprint, as a partner committed to being climate-positive across our business!

Talk to our team

  • Private, secure communication about your proofs
  • Never lose a conversation: everything stored and always available via our cloud
  • Quickly create a query about any part of the proof
  • Assign queries to one or more people
  • Create aide-memoires as you work and review later
  • Follow conversation threads easily and in context
  • All conversations permanently stored against a particular page of a particular proof
  • Get daily digest notifications by email of new queries and replies
  • Clearly see which queries have been answers and which have not
  • Filter your queries by project, proof and user
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  • Draw on the screen as you would on paper, with automatic neatening
  • 45+ different markup options, with intelligent markup selection based on your drawing
  • Your drawing automatically neatened up
  • Book content is always clearly visible, however much markup there is
  • Classic markup according to BSI or Chicago Manual of Style
  • Freehand drawing
  • No huge button list or drag-and-drop palette - just draw and click
  • Choose your zoom level or page rotation
  • All the navigation tools you need: page arrows or by number; thumbnail view; bookmarks; back to previous
  • Comprehensive search tool: smart or literal search; see highlighted results or a search-engine-style list of hits
Computer showing markup being worked on in Futureproofs
  • Get real-time information on project status
  • See each team member's progress, work done and time spent
  • Anticipate and avoid problems like missed deadlines or project over-spend
  • Avoid unnecessary meetings by sharing data across your team
  • Send automated notifications before important deadlines
  • Check whether queries are being responded to
  • Assign your team to projects, including in-house and out-of-house workers
  • Use role-based access control to ensure that the right people have the right access
  • Relax knowing that your data is safe from file corruption and users forgetting to save
  • Have confidence in a platform that's been running for 8 years with >99.99% uptime
Computer showing project status data in Futureproofs

Control in your hands

Futureproofs makes sure your team always know what's going on with their projects. Real-time statistics show time spent working, corrections made, queries being discussed and more. See who's finished early, whether the schedule is slipping, or if late changes are being made. Find out who made which change and why. Spot issues before they become problems.

Roll out easily

Futureproofs lives in the cloud, which means there's no software to install or maintain. We provide all the training you'll need to get started. And ongoing support is part of the package. Get comprehensive help, including face-to-face or video training, documentation and in-app chat support for all users. Futureproofs is independent of the page-layout software you use, so can fit into any publishing workflow.

Work together securely

Create project teams, control access by user and role, and monitor everyone's progress with no need for meetings or email chains. Support your team as they work from home or the office - with their data saved automatically to the cloud. Communicate more effectively, resolve problems earlier and better, and track changes across the life-cycle of your books.

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