The  Futureproofs  challenge

Can you get this permanent reduction in your costs another way?

Lower costs, shorter schedules and fewer risks

Futureproofs isn't just a good idea. It can transform your business, improve your service to authors and make the team happier.

Futureproofs works!

Eliminate paper proofs for ever!
Save on freelance proofreading.
Improve service to authors.
Improve communication with suppliers.
Shorten schedules.
Increase schedule reliability.
See a permanent gain in production margin.
Lower your risk of missed print slots and pulped print runs.

Example 1: a small press

Publishes 30 books a year (average 200 pages each). Futureproofs costs £4200 annually. They were previously proofing on paper, mostly in mono.
Implementing Futureproofs will save them up to £3000 annually in direct costs (printing, couriers, freelancer time) and another £7000 in staff overhead, producing a 145% direct ROI.
In addition, they have greater insight into their projects, reduce their working capital and generate revenue faster by getting books to customers more reliably. Overall, they see an ROI of 290%.

Example 2: larger publisher

Publishes 100 books a year (average 240 pages each). Futureproofs costs £15k annually. They previously proofed in PDF using standard desktop software.
Implementing Futureproofs will save them £5400 in freelancer costs and £36k in staff overhead, producing a 165% direct ROI. In addition, their reduction in risk could save an additional £24k annually from lower printing, shipping and disposal costs. Total ROI would be 320%.
The extra insight Futureproofs delivers also lets them monitor supplier performance more accurately and continually assess and review their processes, which will produce further indirect cost savings.