Who, when, where?

We Are Futureproofs was founded in Cambridge, UK, in 2013 by John Pettigrew. (Originally, we were Cambridge Publishing Solutions - but we changed that once we had our branding sorted out!) John has worked in publishing since the mid-1990s, always on the editorial side of things. Starting as an assistant editor on a scientific review journal, he has spent time within large multinational publishers, as an individual freelance editor, and many things in between. The immediate reason he founded We Are Futureproofs was because of his experience managing teams of editors dealing with many large, complex, highly illustrated schoolbooks involving teams spread around the world. Many parts of the workflow had problems that were soluble, but proofreading remained recalcitrant: working on PDFs simply takes longer and is more error-prone than working on paper the traditional way.

When computers make our lives harder, something has gone wrong. Futureproofs was the result of John's determination to build a software solution that was focused on the problems that editors and their teams encountered every day. And, most importantly, to make editors' lives easier by making it easier, quicker and more pleasant to work on book proofs on-screen.

Our history

  • 2013


    Company founded in 2013; work starts on the software.

  • 2014


    Shortlisted for Futurebook Best Tech Innovation award.

  • 2015

    First customers

    First UK publishers commit money to use Futureproofs.

  • 2016


    Futureproofs gains first customers in the USA.

  • 2018

    Global reach

    Futureproofs spans the globe, even Australia!

We Are Futureproofs has its head office in Cambridge, UK, at ideaSpace. This is a shared office where we can meet people running other small businesses and help each other out. We're fortunate that Cambridge has long been a centre for creation and innovation, and we've had much useful advice and support from our network here. But our team has always been distributed around the UK, and even Europe. Remote working means we keep our environmental footprint down while letting us find the best people no matter where they are - something that many businesses have discovered the benefits of in 2020 and 2021!