Organise and streamline
your proofing process

Futureproofs gives you the tools to publish on time more easily and reliably – while making fewer mistakes, controlling costs, and making your authors and your team happier.
Introducing Futureproofs

Digital workflows, physical books, global teams

Based on 20 years of editorial and production experience, Futureproofs solves the day-to-day problems of on-screen proof checking. It's no wonder our users find that work takes 'a fraction of the time': our 'frankly gorgeous' markup tools combine the best of traditional workflows with the best of modern technology.
We give editors, proofreaders, authors and designers the tools they need to manage their projects well, to minimise risk and to deliver on time. Whether you call it soft-proofing, on-screen proofing or just proofing, Futureproofs makes sure your team delivers!

Effective on-screen proofing

Simple, powerful markup that just works. Publish faster and improve your margin. Full 360° workflow includes everyone. No software to install – just needs a web browser!

Collaboration that works

Upload and share PDF proofs securely with your team. Work simultaneously. Effective collaboration gets queries resolved quickly. Instant, accountable communication.

Data to manage your risks

Anticipate and avoid problems with real-time data for clear insight. Automated audit trails ensure you know what decisions were made. Management reports provide perspective for leaders.

Some of our customers:

Panoma Press
Panoma Press
Prim-Ed Publishing

Why use Futureproofs?

You may have used generic PDF software to handle your proofs, but Futureproofs will change how you think about proofing. Because we understand the jobs that editors, proofreaders, authors and designers actually do every day, Futureproofs makes those jobs easier, faster and more transparent.

Futureproofs is the future for your proofs.

Easy to learn

Futureproofs uses established markup standards (BSI and Chicago) to make it quick to learn and to minimise the amount of data entry needed.


Work faster wherever you are, catch mistakes more easily, and get helpful reminders and prompts.

Hosted in the cloud

Browser-based and cloud-hosted, Futureproofs needs no installation and is always up to date, wherever you are.

Real-time insight

Always know what's going on with your projects so you can deal with issues before they become problems.


Communicate clearly with your team, track and resolve queries about the content, and effectively manage the whole team.

Whole workflow

Futureproofs helps your whole team work effectively, with tools for the jobs they do every day.

  • All the tools you need

    Intelligent search and navigation tools, dedicated review modes for different user roles, and the easiest markup in the industry.

  • Just draw

    No clumsy buttons or toolbars – just draw on the screen as you would on paper and Futureproofs gives you the markup you need.

  • Any book type

    Futureproofs lets you work with text or artworks, in mono or colour, regardless of the page-layout system you use.

  • Role-based access

    Choose who can access your content and data, and how much information each person can see.

  • Deep insight

    Real-time data puts control in your hands. See who's done their work, whether the schedule is slipping, or if extra changes are being made.

  • Detailed records

    Find out who made what change and when. Review conversations and decisions.

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